Curated Advice

Texans will usually tell you what’s on their mind, although they often leave a lot unsaid. I’ve found that people are generous with advice if you’re willing to listen, and I am always willing to listen. It’s how I collect so many entertaining stories.


Don’t Spend Money You’ll Owe Later

There are a lot of small business owners in Texas, and I am one of them. If you’ve had taxes withheld from your paycheck, it can be an eye opener to no longer have that taken care of for you.

One of my clients has a savings account just for tax time, and he sets aside his tax bracket percentage of the profit from each job into that account so that he never has to worry about not paying the IRS what he owes them. He doesn’t borrow from the future, he pays what he owes today. It’s a great practice of Stewardship.

Don’t Fix a Temporary Problem with a Permanent Solution

Successful problem solving requires a certain amount of wisdom. Identifying the real problem and the nature of the problem can be overlooked, to the detriment of developing a successful solution. Or a solution that addresses the problem at all.

Grafftti’d old brick, for example. Back alleys, prominent facades, time-worn surfaces - they can all be a canvas for vandalism, despite the location. Graffiti can be cleaned and removed, but the stains and damage of time might need a higher level of skill, knowledge and effort to repair. Or you can paint it.

But completely painted brick, and old, porous brick that soaks in layer after layer of paint, cannot be unpainted, and if the paint goes on before the damage is repair, the damage is hidden and less likely to be addressed. Paint then becomes a temporary solution to a potentially permanent problem.

I’m serious.



“We get beat up on it, and it makes us not want to have the conversation.”

- Texas Representative John Zerwas, speaking at the Texas Tribune’s Previewing the 86th Legislature about not having the political cover to have discussions on policy solutions.

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