Texas Stewards LLC was formed to tell the stories of the people who are engaged in the stewardship of Texas and to help solve problems for Texas stewards as they do the work they were born to do.


We aren’t here to provide free marketing or professional services or peddle bullshit. We are here to solve real problems with real solutions and we provide a platform for curated stories of the people who make this state great and who have a lot of wisdom to offer no matter how long (or short) they’ve been at it or how many times they have (or haven’t) failed.

If we provide advice, information or resources, whatever you chose to do or not do with it and the outcomes that result are your responsibility and yours alone. We are not the right fit for all people or organizations. However, we would be honored to be the right fit for you or your organization.

We help solve the problems that Texas Stewards face as landowners, business owners, elected officials, community builders and risk takers. Our particular areas of ability include design, planning, historic preservation, economic development, legislation (and a host of other kinds of rules on paper) and small business development. We know a lot of stewards, so if we don’t know about your issue, we will help you find a reliable and qualified person who does.

Should you not choose our solution, as you are perfectly free to do, please know that we won’t take it personally.

We like doing business on a handshake. Our legal counsel does not.